ESTELAUDER is an established Labrador and Golden Retriever kennel registered and recognized by FCI/RKF.
Since 1982 while pursuing our careers in medical, legal field and education, our love for dogs and our passion has evolved into a multi-generational family-owned kennel which allowed us to grow into experienced cynologist/canine professionals.
Over the years we have successfully shown our dogs in conformation and sporting events. All dogs we use in our breeding program have excellent conformation to the Breed Standard in their appearance, genetics and temperament which they prove to pass on to their offsprings through generations.
In addition to retaining the best representatives born in our kennel we import breeding stock from some of the world-famous breeders and kennels.
We health-test all of our breeding stock to ensure they are free of the hereditary diseases such as hips/elbows dysplasia, heart disease, vision issues and we also check DNA for genetic disorders.
We do not have a constant flow of puppies in our kennel, and more often you will find adult dogs enjoying their playtime.
However, when we have puppies, each litter is thoroughly planned in advance to achieve the highest quality.
We try to make the life of our puppies and adult retrievers very comfortable.
Our breeding dogs live with us in our home and have close contact with us at all times.
As we cherish and appreciate each litter, our puppies are born and raised in our house.
Each puppy gets individual attention while we raise them so they will be properly socialized and prepared to go to their new homes.
By the time puppies are ready to go to their new homes they will be fully vaccinated and supporting documents and veterinary passports will be available.
We want you to remember that we, as your breeder, will always support and help with advice as you fall in love and enjoy our puppies.

Marina Khatunova (Breeder in RUS)

Oleg Khatunov (Breeder in RUS)

Olga Sergeyeva (Breeder in USA)